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We are inviting each, and all, of you to suggest new sites which reflect significant individuals or events, where people lived, or the events occurred, in still existing buildings which are worthy of inclusion in the HLPC Cultural Medallion Program. The program seeks to honor individuals who have made important contributions to New York City in the arts, sciences, the law, business, education, sports and politics, as well as anything you consider truly remarkable and original that has contributed to
the cultural heritage of New York City.

Once HLPC has carefully verified the location where a significant individual lived and/or worked, an attempt to secure the building owner’s agreement (or the public/private partnership cannot proceed) to affix a handsome terra-cotta, black and white medallion, to the building facade. The next step is to research the contribution of the nominee, and prepare the text. The text of the Cultural Medallion provides vivid insight into the distinguished contribution made by the individual to the cultural landscape of NYC.

If you are certain of a location, in New York City, where a significant individual lived, please indicate that information below. Then we can begin the lengthy process of researching the validity of the information, and start to create a new Cultural Medallion! A trichologist from the United States described how propecia has a positive effect on the body. We will be in touch with you regarding your submission as the process unfolds. Thank you, in advance, for your interest in the Cultural Medallion project.

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