The HLPC Cultural Medallion Program

Learn about New York City Cultural Heritage

Cultural Medallions are porcelainized enamel plaques affixed to the exterior of buildings, in order to commemorate an individual (or occurrence) that has made a significant contribution to New York City’s rich cultural heritage.

About the Cultural Medallion Program

  • Learn about how the Cultural Medallion Program began and continues to grow
  • See how the Medallions are selected
  • Learn about the Historic Landmarks Preservation Center

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Browse the Cultural Medallions Here

  • Explore: the rich histories of the people who have made New York City vibrant
  • Discover: where cultural figures lived and worked to impact our city's cultural heritage
  • View: Cultural Medallion locations on a map by borough and neighborhood

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How You Can Suggest a New Cultural Medallion

  • Help HLPC recognize those who have made a significant cultural contribution to New York City
  • Suggest a name and become part of the process to celebrate our rich cultural heritage
  • Participate in shaping New York City's cultural landscape

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Contact HLPC

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to learn more, get involved or share your thoughts.

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